“The Conversation That Matters!” 1-to-1 Coaching Session for Fast Trackers!

The Conversation That Matters is a 1-to-1 executive coaching & advisory session unique like no other program in North America. In one single 2-to-3 hour coaching session an individual will walk away with a bag full of useful career changing information and insight. In this session, you will get in real time a unique combination of assessment profile feedback, a series of useful soft skills and hard skills development activities that will leave you in awe and with a bag full of useful tools and practices!

As an example, did you know a serious career limiter for many senior executive is a lack of working knowledge of finances, key performance indicator, and finance rules of thumb. At the most senior levels you are swimming with sharks who can instantly sense weakness.

Typical topics covered off in the session are;

Starts With You-Getting to Know You – Assessment Profile Feedback

  • Know Yourself, Awareness is the cornerstone to Higher Performance
  • Surgical Networking to heighten and fast track your learning & development
  • The Power of Feedback and Why You Should Embrace it

Combination of “Soft” & “Hard” Skills Development Makes the Difference!

  • Business Acumen and Financial Acumen sets the Great apart from the Good!
  • Rules of Thumb and/or Key Performance Indicators beyond the Financial Statements
  • Why everyone should understand Sales & Marketing at the Executive Leadership Level
  • What Can we learn and use from Project Management

Communications Matters

  • The Importance of Story Telling
  • Image and Clarity are the Language of Performance. Create the Picture and Performance will follow!
  • What you say and how you say it represents you…you are your PR manager, Marketing Manager, and Sales Manager…so make it matter!

Conclusion & Wrap Up with an Action Plan for You

  • Ok Now What Do You Do with all this Information and Feedback?
  • Your Top 3 Nuggets you will use Today & Why!
  • Your Take Away Action Plan & Final Thoughts


  • All that is required is to complete the TAIS Assessment online