Sales Funnel



Imagine an App that allows you to build and track your client base from lead generation to closing the sale. Sales Funnel is a revolutionary new App that combines dynamic, goal-oriented tracking with powerful reporting abilities to help you improve your leads to sales ratio.

From start to finish, Sales Funnel will help drive your sales process by allowing you to:

  • Enable visual tracking and reporting of all sales activity in your funnel, including time to close
  • Customize your Funnel for 3 to 12 steps, depending on your personal sales system
  • Track prospective sales and activities in each process category by client
  • Monitor and report on relevant prospecting statistics from historical data to actual sales closed
  • Oversee all prospecting activities such as the time invested in each category and total time in the funnel

Sales Funnel will also prompt you with gentle reminders designed to keep up your momentum around new sales development because as we all know, momentum is what it’s all about!

Here is what Ahmed had to say about this App…

“Finally a sales funnel that does what the App is supposed to do! I’ve been searching for a tool to help keep track of my prospects as well as keep track of my sales throughout the various stages. This app is the only one that provides this information in a nice and useful user interface! I love being able to see my sales visually on a sales funnel that dynamically updates each time I input a new project or move a project from one stage to another. It doesn’t stop there! There are loads of useful reports to help me keep track of my performance over a period of time. None of the other sales funnels available today on the App market come close to offering a fraction of the functionality this App provides out of the box. In short I love this App! Keep the updates coming!” Ahmed

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