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Imagine an App that allows you to build and track your client base from lead generation to closing the sale.  Sales Funnel is a revolutionary new App that combines dynamic, goal-oriented tracking with powerful reporting abilities to help you improve your leads to sales ratio.

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Imagine 100 per cent of your core business activities coming from referrals. No more “cold calling” and plying the market for new business! This is the kind of success strategic networking brings. Networks can develop in a variety of ways and most people put some thought into the connections they need in order to succeed.

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The “Magnificent Seven” are seven power communication techniques that while simple in message and concept have far reaching use and impact. Why seven? Because that is all you need to be effective in all aspects of your communication. They are simply magnificent!


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Ten Must Know Techniques for Sustained Success


A Game Changer for you!

These techniques are definite game-changers that are worthy of sharing. Each one is so useful and very powerful in key situations. Once you get going on them, it will surprise you when you start to reflect on the number of times in your everyday life that you have the opportunity to use them. And when you do start to use them on a regular basis, the results will astonish you! These really Work!


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Business Rules for Success!

Finally, a simple summary of Rules in Business that really work! From formulas that take minutes to use and accurately forecast potential business revenues to common sense rules to ensure business sustainability to a rule regarding business partnerships, these really are game changers!

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Leadership Mantra


Great leaders recognize that their team members have considerable experience, knowledge and creativity. These leaders cultivate a welcoming atmosphere of free idea exchange to engage their team members and encourage them to contribute their best. That’s where mantras come in. Mantras are easy-to-remember sayings that remind us, and keep us in alignment with our leadership style.

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We offer so many services to make you & your business perform better:

Executive Coaching

The Stryder Performance Executive Coaching Program is a confidential, one-on-one executive development program tailored to meet your individual needs.  At Stryder we understand the unique challenges of Executive life, from the dedication it takes to be proactive and focused while delivering exceptional results to the commitment and composure you need to excel in a variety of complex and challenging situations.  Our Executive Coaching Program builds on your own strengths and talents, providing the practical, hands-on skills and inspiration you need to perform consistently at your peak potential and beyond! Read on for more information!

Employee Succession Planning & Development with the TAIS Assessment

Succession programs fail because their psychological strengths and weaknesses are not well matched to the demands of the performance environment. Often the 1 or 2 key psychological factors have not been addressed in a succession program. Working on these essential areas of a person’s psychological profile as well as optimizing key skills could have made all the difference! If failure in your succession program is not an option then the TAIS Assessment tool is for you! Read on to learn how the TAIS will make your succession planning a resounding success…

Employee Selection? Get the TAIS Advantage….

Getting employee selection right is essential in every manager’s competitve, fast-paced world.  More often than not, employees fail because their psychological strengths and weaknesses are not well matched to the demands of the performance environment.  At Stryder Performance, we utilize the exceptionally accurate assessment skills of the TAIS in order to ensure you get it right when it comes to new employee selection!  Read on to learn how the TAIS will enable you to get it right the first time when it comes to employee selection…

“The Conversation That Matters!”  A Unique, One-on-One Coaching Session for Fast Trackers!

The Conversation That Matters is a custom designed, one-on-one executive coaching session like no other program in North America. Imagine a single 2-to-3 hour coaching session that enables you to walk away with a bag full of the most valuable career-changing information and insight you’ve ever been given access to. At the most senior executive levels you are swimming with the sharks, and they can instantly sense weakness! If you don’t want to be the “prey” then read on!..

“The Conversation That Matters!” The Team Workshop

The Conversation That Matters Team Workshop is like no other team workshop you have ever experienced! In this one day action-packed workshop you will get both team & individual profile feedback as well as soft and hard skills training that will provide you with an immediate impact on team performance. When you want to substantially improve both the team performance and teamwork, look no further than “The Conversation That Matters Team Workshop! Read on …”