The My Leadership App is designed as a personal development tool that is ideal for anyone at any level of an organization interested in taking their strategic thinking and strategic activity to the next level.

There is a classic paradox between the day-to-day tactical operational activities and the strategic work. Simply put they compete for the limited time we have to devote to our work. The challenge is that often to work on one comes at the peril of the other.

Everyday we are charged with getting our work done. It is an undeniable fact that the work must get done and results need to be achieved. My Leadership App understands this truth and puts forward the notion that depending on the level you are at in an organization a part of your work and getting things done. is to set time aside to work on strategic activities. Essentially everyone in an organization needs to work on strategic activities on a regular basis to ensure long term sustainability and success.

The difference in the amount of effort and time spent on strategic activities will depend on your role and position in an organization. Your current role and where you want to advance to will determine the specific strategic activities you undertake as well.

So a sales manager may decide to dedicate 40% of his or her typical work time to strategic activity whereas a CEO may decide on 80% of his or her time being spent on strategic activities.

When you consider what makes up the activities within strategic activity it is a fairly broad and far reaching group;

•Strategic Thinking and Activities
•Strategic Communication
•Surgical Networking
•New Innovation
•Business Development
•Continuous Improvement
•My Own Development
•Coaching and Mentoring

All are critical to your sustained success and long term development.

With the My Leadership App you set goals in terms of the amount of activity you want to do in each of these strategic leadership areas to help you achieve an overall goal of becoming a Strategic leader. If today you assess where you are on the strategic leader activity at 25% of your normal work activity and you want to be at 75% in 12 months, the App can help measure and remind you of the activities you need to complete along the way. This App is not a time management tool. Instead you aside chunks of your normal working activity to work on specific strategic activity and use the many suggest templates and readings links to this App. The My Leadership App is helping you to evolve the work you do to include the right amount of strategic activities as part of your every day work. You make being a strategic leader an every day way of life for you!