A great sales closing technique that applies to many aspects of our world!


“Perhaps this is not the time to close on this transaction?”

In sales closings this technique is better known as the “take it away technique and see if the other party really wants it. If the other party fights back to take back the sale then you likely have a sale. If the other party agrees with you the transaction will not close with a sale and you are done.

The “perhaps this is not the time” technique has a multiple of uses that are invaluable when you really want to know if the other person wants to hear what you have to say, or wants what you have to give, sell, or offer etc.

At the appropriate time in a discussion and you really want to move towards closing on a transaction or discussion point simply state, ” We have had a great conversation however I think this may not be right for you at this time so let’s not continue down this path for now?”

Now is crunch time for the other person as you go silent he or she must now either agree with you or reach back with a counter statement to keep the conversation alive. Either way you now know if the person wants what you have to offer or does not.

Let’s try it out using the example of an interview for a position where the interview has been established and a conversation has taken place for some time. The interviewer then states “Bob it has been a great conversation and I can see that this role is good one for you however I think we should stop here as I sense this may not be what you are looking for at this point in time”

Now Bob has a decision to make, if he agrees with the interviewer then what the interviewer sensed was bang on. If Bob instead say “actually Mark, I think the opposite, this role as we have discussed is exactly what I am looking for and I do not want to stop the conversation.”

Now Mark knows for sure Bob is interested and wants to pursue the role.

Using another example. I was recently in a discussion with a potential client about using my services and decided to see just how interested they were. So I stated the following, “Jim and Frank, I have really enjoyed the discussion and have realized you have a great system and process going on here and have had a solid track record of success, I don’t think you need to add my services to the process.”

Without saying another word, Frank stepped in and said, “Actually we need your services more then ever as a means of validating what we have been doing and to take the process to the next level. So I disagree with you and based on our conversation this morning I’m more convinced then ever.”

Jim then added, “I agree with Frank and ask you now when can we get started?”

Just like that I had closed on a lucrative enjoyable business opportunity and they did the closing!

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