Communication Must Have Technique – The 3 Bullet Press Release!


The 3 Bullet Press Release Technique

This conversation technique (even as an ad hoc presentation technique) is invaluable for anyone interested in taking his or her communication skills and personal presence to the next level.  Its origin comes from classic conflict resolution and presentation training.

Simply stated it is a technique used to think, gather, and present your response in a professional composed manner that appears to be well thought out. The end result is a concise clearly defined and delivered communication presentation.

How it works is to think of your response or answer to a question in a three-bullet response. You then summarize your three response thoughts into three short bullet statements. Now you are ready to give your response. You do so by telling what the three bullet statements are and then go back to bullet 1 and expand on it, then do the same for bullet number 2, and the same for the final bullet number 3. then close by asking for inout and thoughts from the other person.

An example of this might be, “What are your thoughts on the global economic situation?”

“Well when I think of the current global economic situation three thoughts come to mind.

Stix Yeah1) Why has this happened?

2) What is the impact to me?

3) And finally, what can I do to help?

In terms of why has this happened, I really believe it is a result of world wide greed and a lack of management on all levels. It could not be sustained so we are now experiencing the shift and swing back to a more sustainable reality.

The impact to me will really not be significant as I was already living within my means and on the downward side of material excesses. I have zero debt and do not plan to go back to that style of living.

And finally, I can help; in fact we all can help by doing just that, living within our means and returning to not buying just to have and only buying things when we have saved for it.

Now that I have said what my thoughts are, what do you think?”

Try this technique you will be amazed at the results and the feedback to you about your communication style.

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