Tip 125 – Stop Using the word “but” – The Doctor!


Loose the “Yes but” and replace it with “Yes and…” Technique

There are few more important words to manage in our everyday communication the the words “yes, but”. These two words can single handily break down a conversation, derail and relationship, and shut down creative brainstorming sessions. The word “but” has such a negative defensive meaning to it. It should really be taken out of our vocabulary.

The use of “yes, but” while often not used in a defensive negative manner is potentially just as destructive. If you are in a discussion and the other person offers  suggestion and you respond with a “yes but” and then give your idea you have just shut the door on the other person. You have intellectually shot down their idea. Watch the body language and the resulting conversation the person or group starts to shut down and leave the conversation.

Instead of using “yes but” use the “and” to connect their thoughts and ideas with yours. And is a fantastic bridge that keeps the conversation and creative activity alive.

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