Agent Stick- Embrace Change and Grow

StryderPerformance.comMastery of change or even being willing to embrace change is a function of seeing things for what they are and for what they could be by keeping an open mind.

 Top Ten Traits of People who Embrace Change

  • They are curious and often true lateral thinkers (i.e. able to think in all directions with all senses)
  • Exceptionally tolerant of ambiguity, they do not have to have the answer all the time
  • Intuitive yet logical; creativity calls for the ability to move back and forth in two broad ways, both thinking and processing information
  • Open to emotions
  • Often gifted with an excellent sense of humor
  • Not opposed to risk taking
  • Persistent
  • Self-disciplined
  • Internally motivated
  • A wide range of interests

Steps to Becoming a Leader in Change

  • Create tomorrow, don’t just maintain yesterday
  • See your challenges as opportunities
  • Be willing to take some risks
  • Focus on successes and opportunities versus problems
  • Use your resources wisely
  • Imagine new possibilities
  • Take action today for what you want tomorrow.

Successful Change Flows from Learning, Growth, and Development

Change can’t be managed.  While it can be ignored, resisted, responded to, capitalized upon, and created, it can’t be managed or confined to some orderly step-by-step daily process. However, whether change is a threat or an opportunity depends on how prepared we are. Whether we become victims of change or victors depends on our readiness for change. One of the most inspiring quotes from Abraham Lincoln, who endured a decades-long string of failures in business and politics before becoming one of America’s greatest presidents, is

“”I will prepare myself and my time must come.”

And that is how change is managed.


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