Top Ten Tips for Proper Golf Etiquette!

10. Keep golf carts away from the greens.

9.  Allow faster groups behind you to play through.

8.  Never step, dance, jump, or crawl directly in someone else’s putting line.

7.  The person furthest from the green hits first…nice try Karl.

6.  When other’s are hitting…BE QUIET!!

5.  Even though it looks cool, don’t lean on your putter while on the green.

4.  Always smooth over footprints left in bunkers, as well as any other prints you may have left.

3.  When a hole is completed, immediately leave the putting green…yes, it was a good putt.

2.  Don’t hit your ball until the players ahead of you are clearly out of the way.  If you do, remember to yell FORE!!!



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