Define Your Leadership & Management Style!

Define you as a leader and why is it so important to your effectiveness as a leader? often ask the people I work with to describe in their own words how they lead and manage.

The point being that if you can’t describe it then how are others going to see it, live it, and understand it?

The impact of being able to articulate how you lead and manage is incredible. Once you can then articulate your leadership & management style then you can more accurately describe the matching behaviours, body language, and just as important are the words and phrases you use!

Now you have something, but you are not done yet. The next step (or this can be your starting point) is to describe the values you hold as most important to you.

So here is a typical coaching session homework regarding one’s leadership and management style…

1) Your Leadership & Management style…describe how you think you lead & manage…please write down 4-to-5 points regarding how you think you lead and manage.

Here are a few examples of what people have said to me in the past… “I lead and manage by example, meaning I will not ask anyone to work any harder or stay later then I do”, “I lead and manage by always having a plan and anticipate where things are going to go”, “I’m know as an exceptional delegator but not hands off”, People know they can come to me and ask anything but they also know I will ask them for their input and solutions first…and if they do not have one I ask them to go and come back with one”

2) What are the leadership and management qualities you most admire in the best that you have seen and why?

3) If you could change 2-to-3 aspects of who you are and how that perhaps comes out under stress what would they be and why?

4) If you can articulate the 3-to-5 most important values you think are most important to you and why…what would they be?

If you do not have a clear vision of who you are as a leader and manager and cannot articulate that right down to the how and why you do what you do, then how can you expect others to?

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