Influencing & Leading with Questions!


Influence others through questions.


Leading through thought provoking questions is the way to lead and actually saves time in the end and is more productive!


Remember the Big 3E’s of questioning; Empower, Engage, &/or Encourage!

If your leading and managing others does not consistently address one or more of the 3 you may not be connecting with your team as well as you think you are!

One way to make sure you are connecting with your team is to lead through questions. I have written about this before. Leading with questions asks other to think with you. You are not telling others what to do rather asking them to get involved with you.

The result of leading with questions will be people feel empowered so they take ownership of their work and the role they play.

People feel like engaging because they feel a sense of real-time connection to you and to where they are going in their work.

And finally, be leading with questions you encourage people to think with you and for themselves.

The net result is a workforce that owns their work, they are connected, and they can think on their own and willingly contribute to intellectual capital of an organization!

It takes practice but the results are incredible!

Leading with questions involves asking open ended questions aimed at getting people to engage and think.

Examples of leading others with questions that empower, engage, &/or encourage are;

  • What would you think we should look at in tackling the opportunity in front of us?
  • How would you suggest we look at this task in front of us?
  • Are we missing anything, what else can we consider and why?


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