What is keeping Business Leaders up at night?


What keeps business leaders up at night?


Today’s business leaders are more knowledgeable about virtually every facet of their business and are more networked and connected then ever. As a result the list of what keeps them up at night is increasingly shorter yet every bit as troubling and frustrating as in the past.

Today many business leaders are saying the following keeps them up at night:

Leaders today are focused on their people and their ability to execute smart work in line with the business strategy! They ask, “Why are there so few people who really carry the ball across the goal line?”

Business leaders are frustrated with the inability to get their organizations to get things done with any real sense of urgency, ownership, an interest!

A significant amount of their thinking centres on having the right people doing the right things at the right time!

The impact to strategy execution is huge and to no surprise the lost productivity and lower performance means lower profits and an under performing organizational EBITDA

Coach PlayWhat are they attempting to do about this?

They are in constant thinking mode on Plan A and then on to Plan B.

Plan “A” is a constant search for high quality people!

Plan “B” is to be in constant “strategic opportunistic mode” and look with a critical eye at ; 1) Structure, 2) Process & Technology, 3) Build in measures to monitor the work of the organization so they can react to it quickly enough, 4) Communicate, communicate, & communicate, & 5) Make sure to take care of people they do have that are getting things done!


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