Last Coaching words from the Coach

The last words from the Coach to keep in mind as one goes forward!

When a coaching assignment comes to a close often my last words to someone addresses the following;

Know your “hot-buttons” and know how to cope and deal with them in a constructive manner.

Coach PlayA prepared mind has an advantage when interacting with others.

Be in the moment…there is huge value in your interactions and influence when you pay attention to who is in your world at that moment. Understand and get to know others that you work with…knowing how they communicate, how they like to be communicated to, how they process information and work will help you be more effective.

Seek regular feedback…even consider asking for a 360 assessment periodically, and share the information with the people you work with and thank them for their input.

Be a role model with the behaviours you value.

Watch your emotional EQ and be aware others see it even before you do at times.

Never get too defensive…we shut down when we do and we are not at our best.

Embrace the difficult ones to work with…value their differences…and remember if you embrace they will tire and go away! Rise above it.

Always have a game plan…think about your day and the people you will be interacting with along with the potential outcomes…you are better prepared to deal with things when you do.

Hold regular sessions with the team and periodically invite guests to speak (even just for 30 minutes).

Have a personal and department dashboard…what is important and needs to be monitored.

Open transparent communication…invites others into your world, your problems…the insights are helpful, and it continues to build relationships.

Look for coaching and active teaching opportunities with others to practice all the above and more…to teach is to learn all over again…it keeps it fresh!

You can make a huge difference! Just control the things you can control. Most of all stay in control of you!

Have fun!


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