Personal Brand & Leadership Presence

Personal Branding & Leadership Presence, a must do!

Your “Personal Branding” is a Leadership must do! It is a life long commitment and a requirement in today’s world. Every day you must consistently put forward the personal brand and leadership presence you want others to see and to come to know you as. This does not mean self-promotion, gimmickry, salesmanship, and/ or a marketing campaign. the way, regardless of your role in an organization you are a leader and you have a brand! You may not be leading others directly just yet, but make no mistake you are leading. For many who aspire to lead others and organizations the need to develop and continually hone your leadership presence and brand are paramount to sustained success. So why not be more purposeful and mindful of you, your leadership, and your brand. Don’t just let it happen, make it happen!

You need to look at your personal brand as a trademark. That’s correct an asset that can help you be successful in whatever you do. It should be continually assessed, revised, enhanced, and shaped to continue to be a core asset for you.

Have you defined your personal brand?   Are you consistently living your personal brand every day?

If you’re like most, your answer to both is “no”. Even those that think they have defined and are living their brand really have not are not able to articulate it and express what it looks like in everyday action.

70-80% of the people asked have not really formally thought about their personal brand and their leadership presence.

So when asked to describe and explain their resulting leadership style, values, qualities they struggle to do so.

Virtually all of us can give examples of what company brands stand out and have had an impact on us. One that remember is; “When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen.” personal brand then is an experience others get when they interact and watch us in action. It represents who we are and others relate that impression to us.

Every time you are in a meeting, at a conference, networking reception or other event, you should be mindful of what others are experiencing about you and what you want others to experience about you. Each of these engagements is similar to a job interview – expect in these cases you are being evaluated by others. Those who know how to live and manage their personal brand and leadership presence will earn their respect in any situation.

It’s hard work and a real challenge to undertake. However, the results and success one can achieve and the impact you can have on others is a game changing experience!

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