Negotiating techniques everyone should know!



by Roger Dawson

A great resource in the world of sales and for everyday use! A must read for anyone in sales and for those of us who have come to the realization that we have to sell in most of our daily activities. We make presentations, ask our boss’s for approval on things, go to our bank manager for a loan, and in buying things from a house, car, to a vacuum cleaner. Additionally, we are being sold to as well.

IMG_0037Therefore, the need to understand the art and science of selling is essential for many of us.

One great resource has been the work by Roger Dawson who has focused on the negotiating aspects of selling. His premise is that salespeople today more then ever need to be better at the art and science of selling because they are dealing with people who are much more educated and savvy. These people are also better at negotiating as well. And finally he maintains that there has been a bit of a role reversal to. Sales people today are being asked to integrate selling with a host of other tasks. The result isĀ  a blurring of roles where someone in sales is also a buyer, user, analyzer. The sales person of today must be more intelligent and more competent in the selling world.


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