Return on Investment in Sales

Selling using return on investment or “ROI”!

Sell on the ROI benefit of your service or product!

Many sales people are so afraid of price, costs, and the dreaded investment expense of their service and/or product. I say go there and go there early. Sell the ROI or return on investment of your service and/or product.

Spy HidingAt the appropriate time I will say… “If I can demonstrate a return on investment of 3-to-6 months or a savings of $50,000 dollars on a $5,000 investment would you be interested in my service?” What do you think the answer is on a qualified prospect who can make the go-no-go decision?

The trick lies in knowing the benefits of your product and/or service and then in being able to articulate these in real tangible numbers against your service or product costs. Be bold and put it out there on the table for all to see. I will tell you the price-cost conversation quickly goes away!

To do this well you have to be candid with you analysis of the cost-to-benefits. There can be no holes in your assumptions and work. Best to be conservative with your numbers. Your client with notice and appreciate it! Remember to under-promise and over-deliver.

It works try it!

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