The Higher Authority Sales Closing Technique


The “Higher Authority Close” and how to compete against it!

This sales closing technique is actually used in more situations than one first realizes. As a result I coach people on being more aware of its broader use then just traditional sales closings.

My message to everyone; “be aware and ever present for signs of this technique!”

Spy ClueThe basic premise of the technique is simple enough; At the right moment a sales person will introduce the need for a higher authority approval on a potential sales transaction as a means of  closing on it. The unsuspecting target most often will respond by asking “what might be a issue with your boss in approving this deal?” (Oh no! The “hook” has just been set and I took the bate, I’m hooked!”)

Now the sales person moves in to close. Next thing the unsuspecting target is saying something like; “ok, if I agree to that change will he or she approve on the deal?”

Your done, in fact you are closing and negotiating with yourself.

Here is a real example that happened to me when I was buying my first new car and trading in my used car. All the paperwork had been drafted up and finally the sales person said; “Alright, I think everything is in order, I just need to get my boss to approve and sign off on this.”

I responded by asking; “what do you think your boss may have trouble with?”

The sales person said; “well, I think he will have a bit of trouble with the trade in amount for your car… the $ 3,000.00 is going to be too high.”

I said; “what might he accept?”

The sales person said; “I think he will accept $ 1,500.00 to $ 2,000.00.”

I said; “Ok, get what you can, I can live with $ 2,000.00.”

Guess what we closed on. You got it I lost $ 1,000.00!

The next time I was ready for this. The counter to this technique is to simply ask for the higher authority to join us. “Because if you (the sales person) cannot close the transaction on your own, I will help you with a face-to-face meeting with your boss.” When I said this, the sales person immediately responded with; “Oh no, I think I’m ok and we can move forward with everything.”

This counter gambit to the “Higher Authority” close works every time!

Be aware of this technique because it will show up in more situations then the traditional sales transactions!

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