Watch out for over-managing!


Managers – Are you turning your people off by over managing?


No question most people can articulate what they think micro-management is. Can we describe what over-managing is and why is it similar and yet very different from micro managing?

Doc stick hands to the sideOver-managing is similar to micro-management in that just about everyone you talk to will tell you that they do not like either. Both turn engaged people off. At best productivity suffers and at worst the good employees find a way to leave the department and often the organization.

Over-management is different in that it is far harder for someone to become self-aware that he or she may be over-managing. The self-awareness is hard because often the manager is actually trying to be a good manager and to provide solid guidance. What the person is not aware of is the constant frontal attack of guidance and corrective advice. Rather than leaving good work and effort as good enough the over-managing manager constantly offers feedback. A constant nibbling of guidance those others do not want.

The result of an over-manager is his or her employees start to avoid the manager, do not openly communicate with the manager, employee engagement and initiative suffers (why should I do it, my manager is just going to correct it and get it done their way anyway), resulting in lost productivity, and eventually employees leave the function or organization.

If you are a manager watch out for the signs that you may be guilty of over managing. Take note of the number of times you correct your employee’s work, and offer suggestions to do more or something different.

Finally, start doing the analysis of what is good enough versus perfection. Or most importantly, assess what is good enough but may not be the way you would have done it.

Over-managing is more common than one might think!

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