Mindful & Always be on your game!


Always be at the top of your game!

I had an interaction with a great client the other day. It initially involved a few emails being exchanged. I felt the conversation may not be going as well as I wanted it to so my third email response was to ask if I could call him at a specific time to chat.

The exchange reminded me of one of the rules I use to stay on top of my game.

Coach PlayThe rule of two emails! Once I have a second email to an individual on a same point of discussion it is time to set up a face-to-face meeting or a telephone call to discuss. At this point there have been four emails exchanged back and forth. Something is potentially getting lost in the translation. The rule is designed to avoid confusion and misunderstanding…my coaching speaks about clarity and open communication.

I coach people to develop rules that they should keep front and centre to help keep them on their game and advance the personal brand that they want. It is very deliberate.

Another leadership rule I live by and coach others to consider; Any bad, negative, or confrontational news is delivered in person! No bad news delivered by email or if possible by phone. Again the other day I got news of an employee being fired by email!

One of my favorites is the 24 hour rule. If I am reacting negatively to somethings and feeling like there is an emotional reaction swelling up as a result. I wait 24 hours to respond. I may write my response and file it, but never act on it until I have had time to step away and think it through.

These simple rules really work for me! Try them yourself.


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