What Great Leaders Do When They Lead!


What Great Leaders Do When They Lead

After years of working with some truly great inspirational leaders a number of insights into what is it these people do consistently that sets them apart?

Courage to take risks and to do things differently then others. These people often choose the path least taken by others.

Without question these great leaders were focused on results and to do so had an eye for the transactional activities but they also were visionaries acutely aware of the need to be the transformational leader. If they were not leading the transformational change then who would. The day-to-day work sucks us in and we can very quickly loose sight of the need for change, continuous improvement, and new innovation. The great leaders I have worked with never loose sight of this and live it everyday!

IMG_0047Related to this is their incomparable ability to look ahead and have the foresight to think strategically. A significant amount of their working day is consumed with being strategic and thinking strategically.

Finally, the great leaders are able to get cooperation, they have the ability to get everyone working together. each doing his or her part but somehow pulling together and moving in the right direction. They somehow orchestrated the organization!

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