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Three Magic Bullets in Effective Communication

Effective communicators tend to be straight shooters. They deliver well-thought-out, concise messages in a professional, composed manner. With the right bullets, you too can become a straight-shooting communicator.

First, collapse your message into three bullet points. Then go back and expand on each point.

Here’s a sample response to the question, “What are your thoughts on the global economic situation?”:

“Well, when I think of the current global economic situation three thoughts come to mind:

* How did this happen?

* How will it impact me?

* What can I do to help?

In terms of how the global economic situation happened, I really believe our current economic situation came about as a result of worldwide greed and a lack of management on all levels. The status quo could not be sustained and so we are now experiencing a shift to a more sustainable reality.

The impact on me will not be as acute as it will be for some others because I already live within my means and without much material excess. I don’t have any debt and do not plan to incur any major expenses in the near future.

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image26656881What can I do to help? I really think that we all have a responsibility to help the global economic situation by living within our means, controlling our greed and making wise choices as consumers.”

The three-bullet framework turns your thoughts into a clear concise message. To keep the communication open, you would then add, “Now that I have said what my thoughts are, what do you think?”

To become a straight-shooting, concise and clear communicator, learn how to use your three bullets technique.

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