Self-awareness & your own ego could be a blind spot for you?

Are you getting in your own way?

Recently a new client of mine asked me what is one of the most important or most critical teaching from my coaching. Great question, there are several that are very critical to one’s success. There is one that stands out for me that is central for everyone.

That critical teaching is self-awareness. The journey towards a full understanding of one’s own self-awareness is the key to unlock one’s potential.

TeamWithout a real time self-awareness and the active ability to seek and hear feedback means you will get in the way of your own success! Your ego and the inability to seek and hear feedback will be a roadblock to success.

Self-awareness is the number one area I focus on when coaching anyone. It leads to unlocking all of the potential in everyone! Self-awareness allows one to continue to build on confidence and self-esteem while remaining humble. Self-aware people get more out their interactions with people because others see you as being more approachable, more receptive to feedback, and more receptive to hearing and valuing the opinions of others. The interactions with other people is richer and more inclusive as a result.

Self-aware people are more open to asking for help. They do not see asking for help as a weakness. Instead they see it as a strength of character that define them.

Self-aware people do not get in their own way!

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