Thinking & Acting Differently – The Power of Negative Thinking!

Thinking and acting differently to achieve success!

Doc ThinkingAt a recent strategic planning session with a client one of my guest speakers talked about his method of thinking and acting that he believed had a significant impact on his success in both life and at work. As I have heard before he said he always begins with the “end in mind” and then work backwards, or as he put it “reverse engineered from the end to the start”.

Now this is not new to most of us. But what was interesting is he spoke about his reverse engineering by thinking about what could go wrong at every stage or step in his plan to success. In thinking about what could go wrong or thinking negatively he was able to plan for all the possible derailing activities and/ or people. He then would incorporate this into his plan and process. He maintained thinking negatively actually led to a better plan and a much improved process.

This thought process reminded me of a recent book I had read on this very subject co-written by the legendary basketball coach, Bob Knight. In his book “The Power of Negative Thinking” he maintains this way of thinking actually leads to long term sustained success and keeps one on his or her toes.

Bob Knight’s premise is that by thinking of the negatives you are actually better prepared and ready for anything because your plan for success is more complete. “Victory favors the team making the fewest mistakes,” is, in Knight’s view, the most important principle for winning games. He would think of all the negatives and the mistakes that his team and he might make and then plan for them.

An interesting concept worth incorporating into one’s planning for success. Give it a try!

Doc Stickly

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