Learning from a Magician!

If you are open to it you can learn from all activities!

I recently had the pleasure of having a magician, David Jans participate in a client strategic management session. He was gracious enough to walk us through a number of his tricks with commentary on what he did to visualize and then map out each of his tricks. It was really interesting to see how he approached a new act…here are a few of his thoughts as take aways for me;

Coach-Play1From the Magician – David Jans

  • The power of the “magician’s force”…guided outcomes with leading questions. He guided us along the journey of his tricks to get us to do what he needed us to do, but his questions guided us to where he wanted us to go, not directed. it made all the difference!
  • Take chances but be mindful of the mistakes that can happen…so plan on it
  • Reverse engineering (start with the end in mind, working back to the beginning, and along the way think of what can go wrong and engineer the errors out)
  • Participation makes the difference, include others as everyone likes to be involved on some level
  • Adapt to the audience, every audience is slightly unique you need to be aware adapt

I highly recommend David Jans  - http://www.davidjans.com

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