My Leadership – Surgical Networking! Another eBook from Stryder Performance

My Leadership – Surgical Networking! 

Announcing the latest eBook from Karl Hagglund & Stryder Perofrmance!


Imagine 100 per cent of your core business activities coming from referrals. No more “cold calling” and plying the market for new business!

This is the kind of success strategic networking brings.

Networks can develop in a variety of ways and most people put some thought into the connections they need in order to succeed. At Stryder Performance, we’ve analyzed what makes a great network and nailed down a process to bring best results.

We call this process “surgical networking” and we wrote this book to help you learn how to put it to work for you.

Here’s what people are saying about surgical networking:

“As an executive coach, I see the results of this kind of networking. I have clients who are convinced they have been able to reach their career goals in large part due to their surgical networking activities.”

“The people in my network continually refer new work to me. The time I spend developing new business has been cut by two thirds! My new contracts develop from one call or meeting instead of the traditional three or four steps.”

“Simply put, when I look at my best hires over the past five to six years, virtually all have come from my network contacts. These contacts really know me, know my organization, and know my culture. As a result they know who to steer my way — my recruiting costs are a third of what they once were.”

In this book, we invite you to learn the surgical networking techniques that will connect you to expert advisors and mentors, great opportunities for career and personal growth, valuable business referrals, and superstar employees.

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