New eBook Launch! The Magnificent 7 Communication Techniques!


The “Magnificent Seven” are seven power communication techniques that while simple in message and concept have far reaching use and impact. Why seven? Because that is all you need to be effective in all aspects of your communication. They are simply magnificent!

If you could take all that has been written and said about the art and science of communication and boil it down into a select group of high impact themes that you could adapt and use in a number of situations would you use them? The answer to the redundant question is “Yes absolutely!” Welcome to Power Communication, a select few techniques and reminders that will have a huge impact on your overall communication skills.

With just a few techniques your ability to look and act as a credible, influential, even inspirational communicator will move beyond your wildest dreams.

We all search for the keys to success in life and many look for the easy way to get there. In truth (to no surprise) there are no easy ways but there are a few simple things we can do. These power communication techniques are exactly that, simple! Simple to understand, simple to grasp, and simple to use! They are not easy because like everything worth doing they take work and practice.

Check it out.

On smashwords at - The Magnificent Seven Communication Techniques for Business Professionals

You can download this eBook in 9 diferent formats including Kindle and Kobo!

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