Thoughts on Motivation from Raymond Caissie


Great outline & how to motivate right from the start!

Coach PlayMotivation – Rules to live by

  • We not I, Both in taking, sharing credit, and taking responsibility. We go up & down as a team.
  • Spend the time to orient and train a new team member.
  • When hiring give the true picture of the work, the culture, and you as the boss
  • Ask for feedback often and use it!
  • Communicate the team’s performance, make it visible. A sense of pride.
  • Pay attention to the team and listen. Be approachable at all times! Then they motivate themselves.


When Hiring give the true picture! 

In hiring people I take the time to describe the “good, the bad, and the ugly” about the work the person will be responsible to do. I describe the teammates they will be working everyday. For example, Al is a talker. This is what you are dealing with. I tell them in a balanced way that there are things they perhaps will really enjoy and like about the work and things the will have to do they may not like to do. In our work in operations for example they will be outside in the middle of winter in very cold bad weather and they will have to get the work done.

I take the time to describe my management style and what I expect from people who work for me. I describe the culture as I see it with not sugar coating!

I also tell them what they will be doing in the first 3-to-4 months in detail. they can see how their work will progress but I make sure to tell them you will have to go through all the phases, there is no skipping of step and the learning. They usually go faster but they don’t know it they rush themselves. They want to learn faster…its a competition.

Take the Time to Train and in Orientation

There is a clear and determined path to being trained to do the new employees job. They are told right up front they will go through and detailed planned training on the job and

It always starts with feedstock. I let the team train then I go out. When I’m out there they feel the pressure. I catch them within sixty seconds. They get board with feedstock and want to move to the next steps….self-motivatin

Then we build on that, loading is next…they try to help, but I stop them.

Every time I train I refresh myself.

They are being motivated but they do not know what just happened.

Everyone steps up as equal and competes.

Delegation and Motivation actually go together with training.

By Raymond Caissie


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