Tip # 315 – Tips on Networking


This is a Tips and tricks for networking externally…rules of thumb include;

• Always carry business cards and the rule is at least 5-to-7 cards
• Pay attention to the business card you are given do not just take it and put it down or away…read it study it and make a comment.
• Hand out business cards only after a discussion or if asked
• Make eye contact…and work on being well rounded and well mannered….well rounded can also mean have several topics you can speak to get conversations going.
• Don’t forget to follow up quickly when making a new contact!
• Regardless of external or internal relationship building always have your “stump or elevator speech ready, current, and polished. You must be able to say what you are quickly and make it compelling!
Source – Now for the Brass Tacks on Networking – Steve Prentice

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