Don’t forget to Network at Work!


Networking at Work!


There has been quite a bit written about the value of networking. I have material and coach on a very specific area I call “Surgical Networking”. There is also another niche to your networking that some do not pay enough attention to.  That is networking and relationships at work.

Again, it should be a conscious activity and a bit broader then what is the case with surgical networking. In networking at work you also want to be seen by others as a willing engaging person willing to help. It is still a two way street.

Stryder PerformanceBenefits to relationship networking at Work;

  • It is a compliment to be asked and to ask others for help and to tap into the knowledge that resides in others…so it build rapport-relationships
  • Knowledge source
  • Gain perspective
  • Role modeling
  • Speeds up getting things done (many hands make light work)
  • Marketing of people and ideas
  • A source of new employees…everyone know someone who could be a new employee
  • Provides for feedback
  • Brainstorming (searching for ideas, problem solving, testing of thoughts and solutions).

Negatives to relationship networking at Work

  • It is hard to do and feels uncomfortable to do for many
  • It can feel like being a sales person …like you selling and always working with an agenda of “I want or need something.”
  • Relationship networking can be perceived as a weakness because you have to ask for help!
  •  To do it well it takes time and time is often what we do not have.
  • Once you get help you now owe something back so relationship networking is about always paying someone back for a favour given!

Facts about Relationship networking

  • Relationship networking is happening all the time, even when you think it isn’t.
  • It is not about quantity it’s about quality!
  • Networking works best when we build relationships.
  • What you get back from positive relationship networking does not always come back from the same people you have helped in the past.
  • When you know what you want and need you enhance your results to tap into your network at work and in life.
  • Networking does not have to feel foreign or have a negative feel to it. Networking is not just for those who want to sell or look for a job…it is much more than that in today’s world.
  • Replace, “who do you know”… with… “whom do you know that…”
  • People who have resources (relationship networks) are resourceful!



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