Networking value from master – Harvey Mackay


Tip of the week – Networking - A reminder from Harvey Mackay week I follow Harvey Mackay’s email newslettter. It always has something in it for me to ponder and use.

This week is no exception…here is what he had to say this week…

“If I had to name the single characteristic shared by all the truly successful people
I’ve met over a lifetime, I’d say it is the ability to create and nurture a network
of contacts. A network replaces the weakness of the individual with the strength
of your network. You don’t have to know everything as long as you know the people
who do.

A network can enrich your life. It can help you help others. A network improves
your job security. If you build a network, you will have a bridge to wherever you
want to go. So if you are ever up the proverbial creek, if you have a network, you
always have a paddle.” Harvey Mackay

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