Be in the Moment and be Present! – Tip 201


Be in the Moment


Ok, you got me hear, this one at first glance is a leap of faith but it really works! I am going to play with our minds for a moment. There are a lot of mind games we play or that are played on us. Some are negative and some that are positive.

Brian Tracy in his book “Goals” talks about “we are what we think about” in his discussion about goal setting and in making real sustained change in our lives. What we think about should be a conscious proactive thought and we need to be present or in the moment. In work he speaks about thinking where we want to go and be. His point is we cannot get to where want without a plan and without having a vision and living the vision in our minds and actions everyday. Building on this message to be a better communicator we must have a vision of a better communicator. We need to develop a plan and then work the plan. Finally we need to be present, in the moment each time we interact with people in order to be an effective communicator.

In the insurance sales world the famous saying to new insurance sales people is “fake it until you make it” It’s about seeing you in the present as a successful sales person with a steady supply of sales through a full and healthy group of clients. If you think you are successful you are more likely to act accordingly.

Having the vision of who your are as a better communicator living in the moment seizing the opportunity in the present you will capitalize on it.

As you can see being in the moment goes beyond active listening, it is your mindset, your conscious self, and your body language.

You know what? It really works! Try it for your self sometime.

In terms of powerful communication you are at your best when you remind yourself to be present and in the moment. It is more then listening it’s about projecting the image that you are there and in the moment. In fact when you do this effectively people feel like there is no other place you would rather be in the moment. You look engaged, attentive, and genuinely interested in the person.

It begins with you and your self-talk and inside your mind. When I need to remind myself I simply say to myself, “right here, right now!”

When you are in the moment the world seems to slow down and just for that moment what matters most is this moment and this interaction. You will notice an immediate change is how people interact with you when you do.



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