Tip 199 – The Awesome Power of Pause


The Power of Pause

IMG_0048For years I have maintained that when you use the pause in your communication a number of things happen and usually all at the same time.¬†Finally there are a number of resources available that speak to the power of the pause. In his book¬† “Pause Principle” Kevin Cashman asserts truly effective listening and therefore powerful communication requires one to utilize the pause before speaking.

In real time when you pause you look attentive, like you really are listening. You look professional and genuinely interested in the conversation because you are taking the time to response versus an automatic response. Finally, in pausing you are taking the time to think about your response. In doing this you are less likely to blurt out a defensive emotionally charge response. You remain in control of you!

Often people ask me to help them gain control over people and situations. The premise being there must be techniques one can use to control the situation and others. My response is always manage and control yourself and the results will amaze you. You manage your emotions, your mind and mindset, manage your body language, your communication, and know your hot buttons (the things that cause you to loose control of yourself) and you will do well in all situations. The power of the pause can be used to help you in almost these areas.

Pause allows you to gather your thoughts, to step back and take stock of your reactions before they occur, and to think of next steps in a collected self controlled way.

Tap into the power of pause.


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