Facts about Listening



Little known Facts about communication:

It might surprize you to know that the most commonly used skill in communication is listening. Some studies put listening as high as high as 50% of the overall communication.

IMG_0047If that is true then why are we only now starting to see material written about listening. The answer, as simple as it sounds listening is not easy to master and up to now teaching effective listening has not been the “sexy” thing to teach. More importantly, as simple as it sounds effective listening is not as easy as one might think. aUntil recently you could not find a book on the subject and try to fine a course on the subject. Good luck!

The good news is that is about to change. Some great resources on listening are available. For example; Power Listening (by Bernard Ferrari),The Pause Principle (by Kevin Cashman), Just Listen (by Mark Goulston), and The Contrarian’s Guide to Leadership (by Steven B. Sample) are a few very good ones I highly recommend.

If listening is as much as 50% of our communication what makes up the other 50%. Well 25% is the combination of the written word and reading with the other 25% being the spoken word.


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