Be yourself as a Leader!


That’s right, you read the caption correctly…”be yourself as a Leader”.

Being authentic and true to yourself is key to being a successful leader. To be yourself it helps if you are self-aware and open to getting feedback from others. Being yourself sounds simple enough but in practice with all the pressures on us to perform and to get things done some times one can loose who he or she really is. We take a course or have a person of influence that introduces us to new techniques and for a short time we can loose who we are in trying to be something or someone different. We all should continue to grow and evolve and change with time, new learnings, and new experiences. However, who we are and the values we covet as ours that are at the core of who we are should not fade or be absent in our everyday world.

Knowing ourselves and then striving to be that person, to be yourself makes all the difference. After all, people closest to us can see through to the real you even when you think they can’t. So be true to yourself and be a great leader.

Also, develop an interest in people and as Malcolm Gladwell says “…it’s about teaching yourself that everything is interesting.” Stay grounded. Remember to maintain the confidence but with humility.

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